Presentation of YDATA & OpenPark on SMART-CT 2016 in Malaga

//Presentation of YDATA & OpenPark on SMART-CT 2016 in Malaga

On 15-17 June 2016, the city of Malaga hosted the SMART-CT 2016 International Conference on Smart Cities, organized by the University of Malaga in collaboration with the Andalusian Agency of Knowledge, the Andalusian Network OTRI and the regional cluster of Smart Cities.

The scope of the conference was to address the holistic nature of all problems and solutions existing in smart cities, beyond the up-to-now, way too focused interpretation and interaction. For that purpose, the attendance of people was multifarious, extending from research academia to private companies and from public organizations to individual participants, assisting in the creation of a dialogue around the products and services that will shape the future of digital cities. The structure of the conference was formulated in a way to cover:

  • Multiple plenary sessions and presentations around the main topics that constitute the pillars of a smart city (Smart mobility and urban transport, Energy and Water management, IoT, Big data and open data in smart cities, Artificial intelligence, advanced algorithms and machine learning, Smart buildings and homes, energy efficiency and livability etc.)
  • An industry workshop where companies presented the latest products and trends.
  • Ideathon, an event focused on creating breakthrough ideas for smart cities using a different way of thinking a “hand-thinking” with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology.
  • A technology transfer meeting between companies.

OTS actively participated in all sections and had a key role in the industry workshop, where YDATA – its intelligent management system for water resources was initially presented and then OpenPark – its Smart Parking Management System for urban mobility was also analyzed, illustrating combining models that could lead to minimization of problems such as traffic congestion, car pollution and parking space search in urban dense environments.

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