Expansion of the Integrated Information System of EDEYA

The expansion of the Integrated Information System for the Monitoring of Water Quality and Benchmarking is underway by EDEYA, with the addition of new features for Water Management executives in order to face effectively the challenges in the near future.

The scope of the expansion contract between EDEYA and OTS includes the following actions:

  • Implementation of the API for the massive introduction of laboratory test results in an automated manner into the Water Quality Monitoring System.
  • Addition of an interactive map to better access citizens to laboratory water quality results and enhance transparency.
  • Calculation of the Water Recovery Costs for the determination of tariffs so that total revenues cover the total cost of water services.
  • Calculation of the Water Balance by IWA (International Water Association) for the assessment of Non-Revenue Water (NRW).
  • General improvements to the Dashboard and the Benchmarking system histograms.