Introducing the new generation of the OTS products: Open1


Our wish is to lead the way Open1 is the essence of the OTS philosophy and the strategy drive for the years to come. It is the new generation of products which will help organisations improve their procedures in a way that will live up to the constantly changing conditions and requirements. The solutions on [...]

OTS in alignment with the statement of Antonio Guterres for world peace


The times we are presently living call for a united front against the enemy of humanity. There is no room for more than one battle fronts, the Corona virus one. Solidarity among nations is the only thing that can provide the necessary weapon against the common enemy and shall be the shield that protects the [...]

Update of Open1Fleet


Update of Open1Fleet We would like to inform you that the “Open1Fleet” Vehicle Traffic Management and Fleet Management System has been updated to version 1.13.   The key features of the new version are: Internal fuel pump management capability. Add checks to traffic reports so that they do not stay open (without data of date [...]

Launch of a new cybersecurity open source technology with the “CS-AWARE” program of the EU


Launch of a new cybersecurity open source technology with the CS-AWARE program of the EU The CS-AWARE [1], as H2020 [2] EU funded project, focusing on the awareness of cybersecurity situations, has just begun the implementation of STIX 2.0 open standards in GSon/Java. STIX (Structured Threat Information Expression) is a structured language for describing information [...]

Expansion of the Integrated Information System of EDEYA


Expansion of the Integrated Information System of EDEYA The expansion of the Integrated Information System for the Monitoring of Water Quality and Benchmarking is underway by EDEYA, with the addition of new features for Water Management executives in order to face effectively the challenges in the near future. The scope of the expansion contract between [...]

Ioannina DEYA activates Ydata e-services


Ioannina DEYA activates Ydata e-services The water authority, DEYA of Ioannina City joins the Open1 family through the activation of Ydata e-services, the online platform for water consumers/end users. Through the activation of the platform, DEYA now offers to its consumers direct access and management of the water bills issued. The consumers are able to [...]

26th OTS Opentech


26th OTS Opentech A few days before the 10th OTS Forum, the 26th OTS OpenTech took place on Saturday, November 10th. During the OpenTech, we have been informed about the company’s updates relating to the applications and the new projects (Financial Management, Human Resources Management, YDATA, Open1Fleet). We are waiting for you at the 10th [...]

3rd Sm@rt Cities Conference – Digit@l Citizens


3rd Sm@rt Cities Conference - Digit@l Citizens On Wednesday 6th & Thursday, 7th June 2018, the 3rd Conference "Sm@rt Cities - Digit@l Citizens" takes place in Athens with the central theme: Think Sm@rt: Greek Cities in the Digital Transformation. During the two-day conference, participants are given the opportunity to learn and share experiences, know-how, opinions [...]

Digital economy forum 2018: we design, create, innovate


Digital economy forum 2018: we design, create, innovate OTS supports the Digital Economy Forum 2018: Design, Create, Innovate, organized by the Greek Association of Information Technology & Communications (SEPE) on 7th  May 2018. The purpose of the digital economy forum 2018 is to highlight the importance of digital public-private transformation as well as the enormous [...]