Project Title: Plug-in (ICT Platform for composing and delivering interoperable electronic transactions for SMEs)

Start Date: June 2012

End Date: May 2015

Funding Instrument: Collaboration (9 ΣΥΝ -72-1095)

PLUG-IN aims at designing, developing and piloting a utility software component that will offer the necessary set of services to deliver and sustain interoperability to its enterprises/users across similar as well as differing business domains. The PLUG-IN Interoperability Service Utility will be primarily oriented towards facilitating the needs of SMEs by providing them with a technology infrastructure that will be layered upon their existing systems and knowledge sources and enabling them to exchange computer-meaningful information with others using the principle of end-to-end interconnection. The PLUG IN infrastructure will be further customizable by its users in order to provide them with specific value-added services according to their business situation (business domain or business event) utilizing a multitude of channels (internet, telephone, mobile devices or even RFID).