Water Quality Monitoring System (Beneficiary: Hellenic Association of Municipal Water and Sewerage Companies)

An innovative online system that allows the systematic recording of water quality data, at critical points in the water supply chain, for all 126 water companies in Greece as well as EYDAP S.A. (Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company) and EYATH S.A. (Thessaloniki Water Supply & Sewerage Co).

Water companies are now able to record laboratory test results for drinking water. For each test result, data such as the laboratory that conducted the test, the sampling point, the sampling date, parametric values, method of analysis, etc. are stored in a central database. The system also includes data about water sources, water service zones and sampling points as well as a complete registry of accredited laboratories (public or private) that conduct analysis of drinking water.

Numerous reports can be generated by the system and aggregated data facilitating analysis and decision making is presented. Through the water quality monitoring platform, a unified report on drinking water quality, per water company, is being produced and sent to the Greek Ministry of Health which in turn promotes   to the European Commission. The Commission assesses the results of water quality monitoring against the standards in the Drinking Water Directive. Additionally, consumers can have access to the water quality results, as they are openly available online.

The Water Quality Monitoring System has also an application which makes it easy for consumers all over Greece to get information about the drinking water in their area. The application can be downloaded here.