Launch of a new cybersecurity open source technology with the CS-AWARE program of the EU


[1], as H2020 [2] EU funded project, focusing on the awareness of cybersecurity situations, has just begun the implementation of STIX 2.0 open standards in GSon/Java. STIX (Structured Threat Information Expression) is a structured language for describing information about cyber threats with consistent sharing, storage and analysis features.

CS-AWARE aims to be a simple and low-cost cybersecurity awareness solution for administrators to understand the level of cybersecurity of their systems. It relies heavily on cooperative cybersecurity, using information about problems shared by others with the ultimate goal of detecting and minimizing incidents within their systems. At present, 13 EU partners are a consortium of the project and come from Finland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, Greece and the Netherlands.

CS-AWARE is a holistic cybersecurity solution targeting domestic public organizations, non-governmental organizations and small-scale businesses to protect, detect attacks and provide appropriate solutions through:

  • Automatic detection and display of incidents
  • Exchange of information with national and EU NIS authorities in the EU
  • Self-healing system
  • Multilingual semantic support

The STIX 2.0 GSon / Java open source code is available through Github under the BSD-3-clause license:

The Java open source library is targeted at the cybersecurity community for the general use of those that require the latest STIX 2.0 specification [5]. The library implements parts 1 to 5 of the STIX 2.0 specification [6].

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