ParkaLot is an integrated platform that belongs in the family of products from OTS for Smart Cities. It concerns smart parking management, outdoors or indoors and is designed to provide a structural tool in the evolution of the smart cities solutions. Parkalot may function as an independent vertical solution in a wider spectrum of smart cities solutions (silo- solution smart mobility) or as part of a fully unified strategic plan of smart cities.

The suggested parking spaces management system:

  • Helps the driver to easily find a parking space through a mobile application
  • Allows the organisation to efficiently control the offered parking spaces, and at the same time create ideal driving conditions by decongesting the main arterial roads in a city.

The smart parking system comprises of the equipment, a 360 degrees software system with a series of a sub-systems and telecommunication equipment.

ParkaLot, from OTS, as an innovative and complete solution for the management of parking spaces, can receive information from any technological equipment(sensors that are embedded in the asphalt or are adhered to it, sensors on poles, magnetic tapes, cameras etc) through a massive range of communication protocols (Bluetooth, WiFi, LoRa, LoraWAN, ZigBee, ΝarrowΒand-ΙοΤ).  A series of subsystems handles the information once they are received.

Central Management Platform

A central management tool controls the infrastructure. The organisation thus ensures a thorough supervising update in one screen, of all the parking spaces but also each parking space separately.




  • Parking spaces management. Projection on a map of all the parking spaces, with information about the location and the status (whether or not the space is occupied)
  • Multiple parking space types available (hospital vehicles, fire brigade, people with disabilities etc). Ad hoc characterization of a parking space as a different type of space with the respective handling
  • Analysis and history per parking space
  • Parking spaces with forbidden parking: Special Management for parking prohibition
  • Technological equipment management. Displaying of the vital aspects of the sensors (battery, temperature, signal strength, malfunctions etc)
  • Alerts in real time in case of one of the elements
  • System Users’ management
  • Invoicing policy management. Defining the cost for each space separately or or for groups of parking spaces, using time slots or parking zones Multiple layers available for customization
  • Analytics for each parking space (rush hours, economical benefits etc)

In addition, a software is provided for the interconnection of the electronic signs with the management tool.

Mobile Application 

The mobile application (Android & iOS) helps the driver/visitor to instantly locate the free spaces that are controlled with technological means. He is informed in real time about the availability of parking spaces and can be led to the chosen parking space.


  • Update on the free spaces in real time through a map in the area of interest
  • Information and exact location for each chosen spot
  • Update through a list for the closest to the driver available parking spaces, with address and location information for every chosen place
  • Filtering based on criteria and display of available spaces as well as the cost of parking in those
  • Navigation to the available parking seat
  • Re-routing in a closer space in case of the parking space being occupied in the meantime
  • Driver profile and management of multiple vehicles
  • Payments for the parking via mobile and top up of option

Fine management

The people controlling the organisation log in the app on a tablet or smartphone and have a full image of every parking space. In case of illegal parking or non renewal of the parking time they are navigated in the specific spot through an optimum routing in order to verify the traffic offence by issuing the respective parking ticket. He can upload a photo if necessary.

Digital Signages 

ParkaLot is harmoniously working with Digital Signages and digital kiosks in case of the driver not wishing to pay through the mobile app


One of the biggest problems of a modern society and big cities is the traffic congestion and pollution that is caused partly from the pointless vehicle motion. Drivers spend 15-30 more minutes behind the wheel in order to find a parking space for their vehicle. A result of this behavior is polluted atmosphere in the cities, especially if someone counts in the consumption of fuel. Many hours that could be spent more usefully are lost.

ParkaLot majorly contributes to many of the above issues while at the same time helps the automation of the parking supervision and to the significantly reduce the patrols of the personnel that perform the parking supervision. It also brings an increase in revenue for the organisation that handles the parking spaces.


ParkaLot is the first large scale application in Greece for parking. A pilot application of it took place in the city of Chalkida in Greece, along with accredited partners in it: OTE communications, CISCO, Kafkas. At the same time, one of the first Narrow Band IoT implementations in Europe, and the first in Greece in the city of Patra in Greece, with the contribution of the companies OTE, Huawei, OTS and Kafkas.

ParkaLot has been awarded with a Gold Award, in the Best City Awards in Greece, in the section of Mobility and Transport.

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