Project Description

Open1|Cemetery – Management of Cemeteries

The application developed by OTS: Open1|Cemetery belongs to to suite of applications that cover entirely the management of income of an Organisation.

It refers to to organisations that manage Cemeteries and aims at providing a tool for the effective management of all its administrative and accounting procedures.

Open1|Cemetery is web based which functions on the cloud.

It is a remarkably easy to use application, that provides GIS fixation on a map. It reduces significantly time consuming procedures and payments can be made electronically.

It provides with:

Procedure handling – Diseased Card

Personal data of the diseased as well as the relative accountable for that

Analytical data and handling of the venue for the diseased

Cool storage, burial, estimation of proposed exhumation etc

Automatic calculation of charges applied

Projection of a full record of changes

Quick printing of any needed relative documentation

Family Grave

Inter-connection of buyer and beneficiary

Projection of burial spots with an indication of availability

Projection of  the record of burials and safe keeping of bone remains

Projection of relative with the grave projects/improvements

Management of buying and maintenance charges


Ceremonies, connection with the diseased, creation of respective charge of the relative that handles the diseased cases

Printing of a calendar with the ceremonies planned (funerals and memorials)


Unified directory with all the placements (burials, bone safe keeping etc) with multiple criteria combinations


Applications management (family grave buying etc)

Grave Availability 

Projection of available burial spots, plain or family ones, in a map

Permanent information- Graves

Types of graves, their cost and their place in the Cemetery

Exhumation appointments

Management of exhumation appointments and projection of data in the diseased card.

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