Project Description

OTS proudly participates in CS-AWARE-NEXT, a European funded project.

CS-AWARE-NEXT aims to provide improved cybersecurity management capabilities to organizations and local/regional supply networks. Such organisations and networks operate in a highly dynamic cybersecurity environment, and are required to comply with prevailing European legislation such as the network and information security (NIS) directive.

The way such organizations approach cybersecurity increasingly needs to be more dynamic and more collaborative, building on a shared situational awareness of potential cybersecurity issues relevant to the organisations and networks in question. To achieve this, CS-AWARE-NEXT has identified several focus areas to be addressed: (a) Improved organisational policy support to enable organizations to deal better with the dynamic nature of cybersecurity. (b) Greatly enhanced cooperation/collaboration within the organization and with external actors, such as those comprising the local/regional supply chain. (c) Better integration of threat intelligence in operational cybersecurity management using innovative AI approaches and techniques. (d) Much improved disaster recovery/business continuity, integrated in operational cybersecurity management. (e) Elevated evidence collection and information sharing with relevant actors on the multi-level European cybersecurity framework. (f) Improved capacity for enabling organizations to assess their security status in comparison with other relevant actors through benchmarking and profiling. CS-AWARE-NEXT builds on the awareness, cybersecurity information sharing, and system self-healing capabilities of the CS-AWARE platform developed during the H2020 project of the same name. The integration of the advanced capabilities of CS-AWARE-NEXT will enable organizations and dependent supply networks to be much more effective and efficient in their use of cybersecurity platforms like CS-AWARE, supporting their day-to-day cybersecurity risk and incident management operations.