Project Description

The digital twin brings together individual infrastructure models and the interdependencies between them through a federal system, thus representing a coordinated approach to the design, construction and management of national infrastructures.

In the field of smart cities, a digital twin is a virtual model of a city, a replica of the natural world. It is an essential tool for visualizing, in real time, the pulse of the city by completing multi-layered data sources (buildings, urban infrastructure, utilities, businesses, movements of people and vehicles, simulations of civil protection scenarios, etc.).


Digital Twin operates through multiple complementary technologies that collect, calculate and visualize data. A set of fundamental systems (such as business support systems), will provide it with data of business processes.


EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT: Digital twins improve decision-making at the executive level by providing a holistic and flexible view of assets, facilities and processes. Digital twins allow decision-makers to closely monitor key performance indicators.

OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: Digital twins allow the “Mission Control” approach to city operations. A real-time view of its operations (from a specific traffic light to the overall picture of the rate, volume, and weight of waste collection) enables management teams to anticipate issues and mitigate potential risks.

URBAN PLANNING: Urban planning is an important, yet demanding, aspect of building the city. Urban planners always struggle to predict the potential outcomes of new developments or upgrades. Digital twins provide important opportunities to create and develop ideas, to collaborate at an early stage and to quickly select, simulate and test.

PROMOTION AND DISSEMINATION: The huge amount of data available through digital twins allows city management teams to carry out in-depth assessments (for example, analysis of frequent accidents on a traffic signal) and to formulate focused marketing campaigns aimed at citizens’ behavioral aspects.

Sustainable cities and communities is an aspiration that can be achieved with the correct actions from the organisations all over the world. In that light, the actions taken lead the way to a “smarter” city, for the people.