Project Description

The Process Management Electronic System- Open1|Process enables the composition, management, assignment, execution, automation and monitoring of all registered procedures held for the smooth operation of an organisation.
The benefits are manifold with the most important being the faster implementation procedures and operations, the reduced cost of document storage, the documents archiving and the automated execution of all operations.

The application in question is a web application and comprises a modern tool for the organisations in order to provide quicker and more effective case handling.

It is based on open protocols (OpenID, Auth etc) and can interconnect with systems of identification (LDAP, Active Directory) so that the pre-existing structures might be used.

The application offers:

  • Quick and easy management of the cases in an organization (transmittal, approval, signature, approval)
  • Digital signature
  • Electronical Protocol of documents and cases through an interconnection with systems of electronic Protocol
  • It is based on open and international protocols of defining cases (OMG-BPMN, Business Process Model and Notation)
  • Role assigning based on the organization chart
  • Central storage of the documents that are digitally transported
  • Simplified models of all the procedures of an Organization
  • Easy reprogramming of the steps and actions
  • Statistics extraction.