Project Description

Project Title: IDEAL-EU – Integrating the Drivers of e-Participation at Regional Level in Europe
Start Date: January 2008
End Date: January 2010
Funding Instrument: e-Participation 2007/1
The project has been carried out in three main steps:
  1. By deploying and disseminating in three Regions of Europe (Toscana –Italy, Poitou Charentes – France and Catalunya–Spain) an innovative Social Networking Platform that has allowed the distribution of thematic information and the realization of electronic debates,involving Regional citizens and stakeholders, on the broad topic of climate change and energy in Europe.
  2. By organizing on 15th November 2008 an Electronic Town Meeting,in three venues simultaneously (Firenze, Poitier and Barcelona), to let Regional young people discuss and vote on the most crucial issues at stake and on the related recommendations to European policy makers, in particular to the Temporary Committee on Climate Change, chaired by MEP Guido Sacconi, whom the deliberation results were handed out three days later.
  3. By laying the foundations of a European Network of Participatory Regions, ( based on the successful track record of experiences of the three Administrations involved in the project, but open to a wider involvement of Regionalauthorities active on the good practices of (e-)Participation in Europe.

Project Title:Plug-in (ICT Platform for composing and delivering interoperable electronic transactions for SMEs)
Start Date: June 2012
End Date: May 2015
Funding Instrument: Collaboration (9 ΣΥΝ -72-1095)
PLUG-IN aims at designing, developing and piloting a utility software component that will offer the necessary set of services to deliver and sustain interoperability to its enterprises/users across similar as well as differing business domains. The PLUG-IN Interoperability Service Utility will be primarily oriented towards facilitating the needs of SMEs by providing them with a technology infrastructure that will be layered upon their existing systems and knowledge sources and enabling them to exchange computer-meaningful information with others using the principle of end-to-end interconnection. The PLUG-IN infrastructure will be further customizable by its users in order to provide them with specific value-added services according to their business situation (business domain or business event) utilizing a multitude of channels (internet, telephone, mobile devices or even RFID).

Project Title: RIFIS (Radiology Information & Forecasting Integrated System)
Start Date:16 October 2013
End Date:30 June 2015
Funding Instrument:Collaboration (11 ΣΥΝ-10-767)
The aim of the project is to develop a radiology information management system that will consist of two interacting subsystems, the Radiology Information Subsystem (RIS) and Forecasting Information Subsystem (FIS). The FIS is an integrated system of statistical analysis and forecast assessment, built under RIFIS, which will be powered by the collection of RIS data and produce forecasts and estimates which will assist the management decision making in Radiology Laboratory.
Significant infrastructure:
  • 20 Servers -6 of them used for virtualization
  • 2 storage
  • 13 switches
  • 3 UPS
  • PowerGenerator
  • 126 PCs