Project Description

Project Title: Integrated Judicial Policy and Criminal Justice Case Management System

Beneficiary: Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights
Contractors:  Union of companies OTS S.A – ALTEC INTEGRATION S.A

Budget: 10.973.450,00 €

Start Date: 21/06/2014
Duration: 15 months

This project involves the development, installation and implementation of an Integrated Judicial Case Management System for the management of criminal and civil process flow, the enrichment of services to the public and the assistance in the supporting functions of the courts.

In Phase I, the system will be serving Civil and Criminal Courts in the appellate regions of Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki and Chalkida and the Supreme Court.

During Phase II, the project will be extended to judicial bodies throughout the country. The system will be installed in a central computer center hosted by the Ministry of Justice and will be assisted by local infrastructure (eg backup systems, telecommunications infrastructure) provided by the serviced entities.