Project Description

OpenPark is an integrated solution that allows users the search and detection of available on street parking spaces, with simultaneous routing of the driver towards the selected parking location, while the parking authority maintains a supervisory management of the entire network of parking spaces. OpenPark utilizes wireless sensors placed in confined parking spaces and dedicated management software for the provision of real time information about parking availability. Via a web / mobile application the end user can see the position of his vehicle displayed in a map. Then by either choosing a specific point in the map or entering an address can have, in real time, a clear display of all available parking spaces in his area of interest allowing the application to route him towards his selection. Upon occupation of the parking space the user can proceed to payment, which can be done through his mobile device by credit card, point redemption or SMS.
The parking authority, through specialized management software, can track and monitor the condition of the sensors (battery level, temperature and operational status) and that of the general infrastructure. It can specify the pricing for each parking space, automatically alert the control mechanisms to issue a fine in case a payment has not been done or the parking time has been exceeded without being renewed and process numerous statistics that are useful for pricing definition and traffic reallocation.