Project Description

Open1|Waste Management is a web platform, developed by OTS, which enables the organisation monitor the bins’ fullness and programme the waste collection.

With the use of special volume sensors that are placed in the inside part of the bins, the organisation oversees, through a central platform, the status of the bins’ fullness in its area of its responsibility. The real-time information of the above, offers timely warnings when they are full or nearly full.  This way, the organisation that is responsible for the bin collection can modify and adjust accordingly the itineraries of the vehicles assigned with this task.

The benefits are multiple:

  • Less trips for the organisation vehicles
  • Less traffic congestion caused by the bin collection vehicles
  • Less air pollution cause by aimless trips
  • Economy of human resources
  • Fuel saving
  • Elimination of the bins’ overflow, which carries health threats, especially in the hot months
  • Utilization of the data that is derived from the central management platform for the extraction of useful conclusions for the smart city and the decisions involving the everyday lives improvement.

The above platform is another smart city solution, from OTS, helping the cities become friendlier to its citizens.

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