Project Description

Project Title: Digitization of registries civil status acts, Groups Α΄ (Athens-Cyclades Dodecanese) & C’ (Macedonia-Thrace)

Beneficiary: Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction

Contractors: Union of companies OTS S.A – ALTEC INTEGRATION S.A – MASTER Α.Ε– Q&R S.A

Budget: 7.640.000,00€ (Group Α΄) & 7.988.000,00€ (Group C΄)

Start Date: 14/04/2014

Duration: 28 months

Project Objective

  1. The digitization of each registrar Act from the participating in the project registry offices and their introduction to the Central Infrastructure of the National Registry.
  2. Digitisation involves both scanning the registrar Acts and the listing of their civil status data, in order to create the necessary content for the Central Infrastructure of the National Registry and thus facilitating in a modern and systematic way the monitoring of registrar Acts that have been created and / or modified in the past, in registry offices involved in the project.

In particular, each project involves:

  • Scanning of existing registrar Acts books, of registrars participating in the project.
  • Processing in order to improve the quality of scanned registrar Acts.
  • Documentation (qualification in specific fields / metadata) of scanned registrar Acts.
  • Quality control of the produced digital products.
  • Listing, in duplicate, of civil status data from the registrar Acts to be scanned. The listing will be done by the method of direct dialing (data entry) through special application.
  • Quality control of civil status data records, in a manner that ensures data integrity and avoid mistakes.
  • Supporting during the transition of the scanned registrar Acts and the stored data to the Central National Registry Infrastructure.