Project Description

Project Title: Phase II Implementation of the Transparency Program

Beneficiary: Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction

Contractors: Union of companies OTS S.A – ALTEC INTEGRATION S.A.

Budget: 723.793,50 €

Start Date: 1/3/2013

Duration: 18 months

Beginning October 1st, 2010, all government institutions are obliged to upload their acts and decisions on the Internet with special attention to issues of national security and sensitive personal data. Each document is digitally signed and assigned a unique Internet Uploading Number (IUN) certifying that the decision has been uploaded at the “Transparency Portal”. Following the latest legislative initiative (Law 4210/2013) of the Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Governance, administrative acts and decisions are not valid unless published online.

The Transparency Program (Law 3861/2010) aims to achieve maximum publicity of governmental policies and administrative activities, ensure transparency and the strengthening of responsibility and accountability on the part of bodies exercising public authority.

Through the Transparency Program, the citizen has access, in one single place, to all the laws and decisions adopted by the governing bodies, the wider public sector and Independent Authorities.

The purpose of the project is:

  • To ensure the smooth operation and proper functioning of the system for decision posting which was produced during the Phase I of the Transparency Program and thus safeguarding continuity of service.
  • The design, development – implementation of the new IT system which will in any case provide the functionalities of the existing system and the following new features:
    1. Friendlier environment for the user. Better organization of information, simple structure and language.
    2. Accesibility to the application by disabled people in accordance with international standards.
    3. Improved search engine with better and more search criteria and potential specialization of results
    4. Personalized services – “The my Transparency feature” offers personalized searches and personal bookmarks to posts that are of great interest to every citizen.
    5. Completeness and quality of information with stringent checks during decision posting and strengthening of the automatic data update capabilities from third party systems.
    6. Security and reliability: the documents uploaded to the new system will integrate a digital signature produced by the system, ensuring their validity. Additionally there will be a special timestamping, demonstrating exactly when a document was posted.
    7. Optimal open data distribution system in order to develop more value-added applications.
    8. Interface with other government systems: direct exchange of information and documents with other governmental systems.
    9. Public Bodies Register – Bodies Organizational chart with recording and display of the detailed plan of each institution, that will be offered for use by any other system on the public sector.
    10. Depository of forms for each public entity, with the inclusion of standard bodies forms and application forms which are completed by citizens, enterprises or civil servants.