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Project Title: RIFIS (Radiology Information & Forecasting Integrated System) Start Date: 16 October 2013 End Date: 30 June 2015 Funding Instrument: Collaboration (11 ΣΥΝ-10-767) The aim of the project is to develop a radiology information management system that will consist of two interacting subsystems, the Radiology Information Subsystem (RIS) and Forecasting Information Subsystem (FIS). The FIS is an [...]



Project Title: Plug-in (ICT Platform for composing and delivering interoperable electronic transactions for SMEs) Start Date: June 2012 End Date: May 2015 Funding Instrument: Collaboration (9 ΣΥΝ -72-1095) PLUG-IN aims at designing, developing and piloting a utility software component that will offer the necessary set of services to deliver and sustain interoperability to its enterprises/users across similar [...]



Project Title: IDEAL-EU - Integrating the Drivers of e-Participation at Regional Level in Europe Start Date: January 2008 End Date: January 2010 Funding Instrument: e-Participation 2007/1 The project has been carried out in three main steps: By deploying and disseminating in three Regions of Europe (Toscana –Italy, Poitou Charentes - France and Catalunya–Spain) an innovative [...]