Data Management of Vulnerable Social Groups


A modern and scalable information system through which the design, coordination and planning of policies and social programs are implemented, while quality services are provided to citizens and vulnerable social groups without the request and need of their physical attendance. Through an integrated MIS all social groups falling under municipality’s jurisdiction can be recorded and [...]

Promotion of Local Products & Touristic Services


Online digital platform, that promotes municipality’s products and services, with focus on local specificity. The user through a web / mobile application can immediately and effectively obtain an overview of the history, culture, organic products, specialized services, commercial market and natural beauties of the chosen municipality, along with services associated with the tourism industry. A [...]

Budget Data Publication


An integrated system that promotes compliance and transparency in the public sector, in harmony with national and European laws with regards to open data, enhancing open disposal and re-use of documents, information and data of public organizations. By utilizing the system, any public organization can publish its budget data, which is simultaneously processed and displayed [...]

Electronic Process Management


The Process Management Electronic System enables the composition, management, assignment, execution and monitoring of all registered procedures - operations held for the smooth operation of an organization. The benefits are manifold with the most important being the faster implementation procedures and operations, the reduced cost of document storage, archiving all documents, the automated execution of [...]

Citizen Requests Submissions


Through the system, citizens can interact with their municipal authorities, by actively participating in the identification and notification of everyday issues. The Citizen can register requests, complaints, suggestions and reports along with various other incidents, either by a web / mobile application utilizing descriptive text, picture and video or by choosing from a specific menu, [...]

Intelligent Controlled On-Street Parking Solution – OpenPark


OpenPark is an integrated solution that allows users the search and detection of available on street parking spaces, with simultaneous routing of the driver towards the selected parking location, while the parking authority maintains a supervisory management of the entire network of parking spaces. OpenPark utilizes wireless sensors placed in confined parking spaces and dedicated [...]

Water Management


A modular, cloud based system that has as its primary objective the provision of electronic tools to the water management entities for a more efficient use of existing human resources and systems, and the provision of electronic services to citizens for individual management of their consumption. By actively engaging the citizen, the system offers the [...]