The first Greek pilot implementation of Smart City solutions, which is under the auspices of the joint venture of OTE (Greek National Telco provider) – OTS – CISCO – KAFKA, is to be officially delivered in the Municipality of Chalkida in a few days.  The project offers smart parking and intelligent lighting solutions, an IT platform for the integration and management of the generated data, along with modern telecommunication infrastructures and services.

Particularly, with respect to smart lighting 24 LED type luminaires are installed, with their respective controllers (nodes), which can be adjusted in real time at different levels of light intensity, depending on the time of day and the season. A significant reduction in power consumption is expected, since LED lighting technology and auto dimming can save more than 60% on electricity costs.

The smart parking solution consists of the hardware, an integrated information system, a mobile application and the necessary telecommunication infrastructure. In the main road arteries of Chalkida, 69 sensors have been installed (implanted) in the roadway, at delineated parking spaces. These sensors generate a magnetic field and every time a vehicle parks in a designated slot covering a sensor, the field is disturbed. That disturbance is interpreted as vehicle occupancy. The sensors send information with regards to their occupancy every 32 seconds into nine transponders, which create an ‘umbrella’ coverage throughout the network and in turn they forward the information to the central gateway. The gateway via 3G / 4G promotes the information into OTE’s data center, where ParkaLot, OTS’s parking management application is installed.

ParkαLot constitutes the main parking management tool for the municipality, through which it can supervise all parking spaces and the general infrastructure associated with those. Additionally, it may set spaces (controlled by sensors) where parking is prohibited (bus turns, loading bays and ramps, disable parking spaces) and get informed every time an appendant violation occurs. The system offers a variety of statistics and the possibility of formulating a pricing policy for each parking space separately or for groups of spaces, simultaneously defining the payment per minute/hour and for different time zones.

An additional feature of ParkaLot is the mobile application (Android & iOS) for use by drivers, also  developed by OTS. Its utilization provides real-time information for the availability of parking spaces controlled by sensors, a map display of the user’s vehicle in correlation to the available parking spaces, a routing ability to a selected parking slot and the ability of rerouting to the nearest available parking spot, If in the meantime the preselected position is occupied by another vehicle. The application also allows the search of parking spaces with multiple selection criteria, highlights the ten closest positions to the driver and provides the option of payments for the parking occupancy, through the user’s personal account.

OTS in alignment with its strategic planning for the development and provision of solutions targeted at smart cities, the improvement of citizens’ daily life and the stimulation of the company’s extrovert nature, implemented a project of great importance, significance and multiple extensions. ParkaLot is a project which will act as a reference point and demonstration pillar to prospective customers, who up until now were anticipating the first nationwide smart parking solution implementation.