“Digital Greece in the spotlight”: OTS supports the annual SEPE forum


The Greek Association of Information and Communication Companies (SEPE) held the Digital Economy Forum on the 19th December, the annual forum on digital economy. OTS supports the event once more, as a silver sponsor. Keynote speakers took the stand and spoke of the need for the digital transformation that has become a necessity for the [...]

Second CS-AWARE- NEXT General Meeting in Vienna


The second General Meeting of the CS-AWARE- NEXT project was completed on the 14th December 2022. The 3-day project took place in the University of Vienna, with the participation of the following organisations: Oulou University, CERICT-UNISA, CS-AWARE corp., RheaSoft, Wise&Munro, Politecnico di Milano, 5th Regional Health Authority, Cesviter Consulting, 3rdPlace, Focus Europe, Consorzio ASI Foggia, [...]

Haptic Interfaces: The new way of human-machine interaction


On hearing the terms “haptic devices” or “haptic displays” we are thinking of the screens of our portable devices, the screens of the ATM machines, the screens of the ticket machines, and many more that we use in our daily life. Haptic interfaces are not just  simple touch screens. They offer a lot of potential [...]

Water’s value and the new Directory for the quality of water for human consumption


  Water’s value comes without questioning, since life itself is connected with it and life is not possible without water. This viewing though, however self-explanatory, cannot be limited in this basic assumption. Because water’s value is multidimensional and has an environmental, economical, social and cultural dimension. And while it is timeless throughout history, it evolves [...]

Telemetry in OTS’s application Open1|Fleet, for fleet management


  The subsystem of telemetry provides a 24h monitoring of the organization’s vehicles. The transparency and safety of vehicles is enhanced through the route depiction on any given time. The fleet management is entering a new era, by simplifying and speeding up the daily procedures of an organisation’s vehicles. For the full use of the [...]

Water Safety Plans with the unique OTS platform


The World Health Organisation (WHO) has set Guidelines concerning the quality of drinking water (GDWQ). This is now a point of reference in many countries for their actions on safety and suitability issues of the drinking water. Water Safety Plans (WSP) is a complete system of monitoring and evaluation of the drinking water throughout its [...]

OTS announces a new collaboration in Europe


OTS announces the collaboration with the Austrian company Second Option. Second Option is a consultant agency which operates in Central Europe. OTS thus expands its network of collaborators and boosts its presence in the European market. More on Second Option: https://lnkd.in/eP4YKGJ

Introducing the new generation of OTS products: Open1


Our wish is to lead the way Open1 is the essence of the OTS philosophy and the strategy drive for the years to come. It is the new generation of products which will help organisations improve their procedures in a way that will live up to the constantly changing conditions and requirements. The solutions on [...]

Desalination: What is it and how it works


To begin with… As we know safe drinking water is an essential human need. Water in general exists all over the world but the vast majority of it is salty containing microorganisms like dissolved solids and it is unsafe for consumption and even for domestic use. Humanity was curious enough to have developed desalination techniques [...]

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