The subsystem of telemetry provides a 24h monitoring of the organization’s vehicles.

The transparency and safety of vehicles is enhanced through the route depiction on any given time. The fleet management is entering a new era, by simplifying and speeding up the daily procedures of an organisation’s vehicles.

For the full use of the telemetry system the following are used:

  • special equipment for the location of the vehicle (gps tracker) and
  • subscription to a service of data transmission (GSM sim card).

Open1|Fleet helps those involved receive the data from the telemetry appliances, without having to switch to a different application.


From the section Maps, of Open1|Fleet, one can find the vehicles that bear a telemetry device. It imprints in real time the geographical spot and the speed of the vehicle.

A route recall is possible, per vehicle for a specific time frame. The system shows the route that the vehicle has gone through in the specific time frame with different colouring for the start and finish.

Analytical and cumulative reports are available, using criteria such as dates and vehicles from the data that have been collected from the telemetry devices. One of those is the report of cumulative information, that includes among other things, the kilometers, the average speed and the overall consumption, for a specific time period.

The Fleet Management System offers the following:

  • Fuel monitoring
  • Pedometer, for the calculation of the distance covered
  • Trip tracking, for the user’s update on the location of the vehicle from the time of the engine’s starting time to the switching off
  • Geo-fence for notifications concerning entry of the vehicle in specific areas
  • Speed limit notification
  • Ecological driving for the prevention of aggressive driving
  • Auto Geodefencing for the location of the vehicle when it enters predefined areas while the engine is off
  • Vehicle location with an sms in real time through 24 hours
  • Smart crashing tracking.



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