Update of the Human Resource Management application

Available in OCN version 3.18.002 of the Payroll & Personnel Management application.

Update 3.18.002 briefly includes:


1. Change of overtime according to Law 4461/2017.

CAUTION!!! Running the tool is enough to run once in any use. Changes after the successful update of hourly wages will be enabled for each use of the application. If the overtime for 2017 wages is calculated, the new prices will apply, and in case of calculation for wage periods before 2017, the old prices will continue to be taken into account.

For services such as the Regions where different liquidators work for separate uses, please before agreeing to apply the new hourly rates agree on when to run the tool. Regional units should consult with the headquarters to make the tool run centrally for everyone.

  1. You can print 1150 – “OAED Benefit Program Monthly Aggregate Status” with the new printing standard for NFPA columns.
  2. Improvements – Additions to the RED and Payroll Compensation tool for R & D & I.


  1. Possibility to obtain the service period from the ‘Years’ – ‘Months’ – ‘Days’ instead of the ‘From – to’ calendar for pre-service with type of effect ‘Extras (Permits – Penalties – Disciplinary)’.
    2. Corrections – Improvements to Chief Crisis Tool

3. Express the activation of supervisor tools and prepackage panel printing for users belonging to the user management team.

  1. Modifying the calculation of the displayed fields’ Total service time: Years’, ‘Total service time: Months’,’ Total service time: Days’ of the printout 1090 – ‘Employees’ register’.

Detailed instructions for upgrading are available at http://www.e-ots.net/upd2/HR/odigies_anavathmisis_3.18.002.zip