Update of Open1Fleet

We would like to inform you that the “Open1Fleet” Vehicle Traffic Management and Fleet Management System has been updated to version 1.13.


The key features of the new version are:

  • Internal fuel pump management capability.
  • Add checks to traffic reports so that they do not stay open (without data of date entry, input km or entry hours).
  • Ability to number in fuel commands. The number is filled in by the user and is optional.
  • Tank indicator in the tank on the vehicle tab and print the monthly vehicle status.
  • New abilities in the Fault Circuit:
    • Adding a type of cost to the repair of a CPV & CPV damage to items for the Emergency Repair System.
    • Calculating the damage value proposed by the Economic Committee.
    • Add Print feature.
    • Grouping of packet repair procedures.
    • Grouping of repair forms for a failure.

The version is available in the cloud and no extra process is required from you.