The World Health Organisation (WHO) has set Guidelines concerning the quality of drinking water (GDWQ). This is now a point of reference in many countries for their actions on safety and suitability issues of the drinking water.

Water Safety Plans (WSP) is a complete system of monitoring and evaluation of the drinking water throughout its chain of distribution. That is performed through examination and monitoring of a series of factors, in order to protect the public health. The marking difference, when compared with older methods of monitoring, is the fact that the tests that are carried out do not only take place in the final stage of water disposal, but throughout its chain of distribution. Efficient use of Water Safety Plans may ensure the highest level of water quality in almost every stage of drinking water.

The unique, cloud and web based platform by OTS on Water Safety Plans offers, to the water authority that is using it, the tools needed, in order to be in absolute accordance with the specific European Guideline.

Hazard analysis is done with a simplified and speedy way. There is also a number of statistic data available for the water authority which he can use for a more effectual scheduling. Also, personalized reports are something the company may benefit from it. Every action concerning Water Safety Plans is easier, quicker and more efficient.


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