Open Technology Services (OTS) is an IT company, established in 1993, specialized in developing integrated information systems that fully meet the needs of Public and Private Sector.

Our goal is to produce software solutions with a keen eye on technology innovation and value added services, for the provision of our partners’ efficient operation and faster and better quality service to Citizens.

Our solutions apply to actors in the General Government and Central Administration. We have more than 700 installations and the number of users utilizing our applications exceed 8500.

The experience and expertise gained from 23 years of operation, led to the development of systems and applications with the following features:

Technological Excellence: We integrate advanced technologies by investing to continuous research and development.

Completeness: We constantly update and expand our information systems in accordance with the changes in the institutional framework and the needs of our customers.

Friendliness and Ease of Operation: Our systems are designed in close collaboration with the end users and by taking into first consideration Customers’ needs.

Security: Controlled access, user and data protection.