Project Description

Appointment scheduling with an on-line platform


Open1|Booking is an on-line booking platform and a subsystem of the Open1|Members application, for the management of companies’ members.

Open1|Booking offers the information of a vicinity’s availability at any given time. The capacity of a space is set by the organisation that makes use of the platform and those interested can book an appointment through the booking platform easily and remotely with a use of a computer of a mobile phone.

The available time slots are predetermined by the company using it, according to the required time for all the different tasks. The person interested in booking an appointment can choose between the available time frames, thus saving valuable time and avoiding unnecessary queues. By filling out the necessary information (name, phone number) the citizen can easily book his appointment. A QR code is sent to his e-mail, which he can use for entering the vicinity he chose.

His credentials are available to the person controlling the appointments flow.

Another feature enables a record keeping of the temperature of those entering, for the event of  future need of entrance tracking. The latter proves to be of major importance in the times of the Covid pandemic.

If a person wishes to enter the vicinity without an electronic booking, he can do so upon entering, by the person controlling the appointments flow.

The provided personal information is stored for a maximum of 30 days and is automatically deleted by the system.

(Open1|Members platform offers an easy management of all the transactions with their members, such as electronic payment of subscriptions, submission of applications and necessary documents and text messaging.)