Project Description


    Open1|Fleet is a web application for the fleet management office. It addresses mainly fleet management offices and departments that handle fleets of an organization. The aim is to help those carry out all the daily tasks easily, rapidly and well organized, by providing a complete digital solution.

The suggested management system brings in automations for the simplification of procedures, maintaining as a philosophy the absolute customer experience and the improvement of the organisation’s efficiency.

Open1|Fleet is a new and innovative cloud application that delivers a series of new potentials. It is a ready-to-go solution as it doesn’t require any kind of installation in a computer and is accessible from any point, anytime. The user can connect from any terminal device and have access to fully functional and safe surroundings.

Open1|Fleet adopts a unified structure in its menu. It is available both for desktop web browser and mobile version for tablet or smartphones. The mobile version of the app Open1|Fleet (trip) was designed for the driver. He can update in real time the web application with information for the itinerary and the vehicle status, but also receive all the relevant with the vehicle information and notifications.

Its main features include:

Traffic documents

  • Easy creation of traffic documents
  • Automated issuing of transport order and refuel order
  • Automated mass issuing of transport orders


  • Full history of maintenance, distance covered, fuel consumption per vehicle
  • Tabs available for maintenance monitoring, oil change and tires changing monitoring as well as technical checks, renewal of insurance and traffic taxes deadlines.


  • Organised keeping of all the necessary information of the drivers (licenses, permits, documentations of professional competence)


  • Easy and effective fuel management and cost monitoring
  • Quick system reports and mass update of the fuel orders with the latest fuel prices

Damages/ Repairs

  • Full history of all the damages and received quotations
  • Ticket creation of technical supervision

Maintenance plans

  • Categorisation of vehicles for easier preventive maintenance based on standardized actions


  • Updates for the vehicles and drivers status
  • Improved programming of actions for renewal of drivers’ licenses, technical checks and insurance

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