Project Description

A modular, cloud based system that has as its primary objective the provision of electronic tools to the water management entities for a more efficient use of existing human resources and systems, and the provision of electronic services to citizens for individual management of their consumption. By actively engaging the citizen, the system offers the possibility to manage multiple water meters, register online listed measurements, be charged and pay electronically, interact with the water entity through online forms, applications and updates and utilize a sophisticated dashboard through which can analyze and visualize water consumption and payment statistics, while benefiting from benchmarks and best practices in water management.

The water management entity on the other side benefits from an integrated e-billing system, minimizes its costs, exploits in a more efficient way its human resources, automates and streamlines services and increases collectability and cash flow. Through the advanced management system, it has a complete picture of active users, their requests, accounts and payments.

It’s subsystems are the following applications: Billing, Ydroid, e-Services and Water Safety Plans

Ydata Billing is the web application for the management of the water supply & sewerage with primary goal the simplification and automation of the daily procedures of the Water Supply & Sewerage authorities, equipped with functionalities for better supervision of your data.


Includes a dynamic index of all the contracts with consumers for the services provided, with configuration setting of the columns which will be monitored. All the basic elements of the connection and the services provided per contract are included.


The Hydrometers’ circuit records all the indications that are used to issue water bills. There is a distinction between the measurements that have not been calculated and measurements with calculated consumption.


By registering the indications, a calculation is carried out for the invoiced amount. There can also be an automated calculation of the water consumption, without defining a specific time frame and without indication, and based on previous measurements, in the cases where there are no measurements for the period in question.


Includes index of latest accounts, thus providing a complete image per connection, showing the last account, outstanding debts and account balance. There is as well an option of mass finalisation of accounts before posting them to the consumers.


In the settlement section one can automatically calculate the costs according to the number of installments that were selected.


A feature to collect a bill using a barcode where the billing amount and any  balance and interests are automatically calculated. In the receipt directory, all the collections that have been carried out either through the post, other system, or through the platform, are displayed.


Monitoring statistical data for more efficient decisions. Ability to monitor receivables and comparing each year by displaying the data as per month/day. Generation of dynamic reports depending on the needs of each Authority.


Online water management platform is an online platform for consumers, through which citizens have direct access to their water bills with the option of online payment. They can also submit applications electronically, register their water meter information, declare any failure, and get information in time for any water supply interruptions.

Consumption information

For each connection, consumers can see the current balance of their account, as well as the metered water consumption in cubic meters for the last five counting periods.

Online accounts

Consumers receive their water bill by email immediately once issued. In addition, they have access to the account history, with a detailed view of the data of each account, with the option to electronically archiving (in pdf file) and printing.

Online Payments

Consumers can settle their bill through the cyber-secured environment of their bank, while using any type credit or debit card. This process is fast, easy and completely safe.

Entry of Water Meter Indication

Consumers can take part in the measurement of their own consumption. They can enter the data of their indicator for a fixed period of water consumption and attach a photo where this data appears as a proof of measurement, to issue the bill of discharge.

Requests by consumers

In order to completely manage the affairs of every civilian, the option for online submission and processing is provided by attaching the necessary documentation in digital form, as well as the automatic update (via email) concerning the status of pending requests or applications.

Report a system failure

Consumers can report incidents regarding water supply issues (Cut off of water supply, water leak, low pressure etc.)


In order for the consumers to be rapidly informed in matters such as the imminent cut off of water supply, overdue debt, increased consumption, expiry of social invoice etc., the system can send short information messages. These messages are sent to the citizens in the form of a notification from the system, but also via email.

Smart Hydrometers

By using smart water meters and connecting them to either YDATA billing or the data management is simplified, allowing data to be downloaded directly from the consumers. Billing errors are reduced while consumers are constantly aware of their consumption in real time and they receive notiffications if any leaks take place.

The Ydroid application automates the process of obtaining indications from water meters and it is fully compatible with mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, using an Android operating system. It is synchronized automatically with the YDATA billing application for mass transfer of consumption indications.

Water metering

Ydroid enables counters to register the indications of the hydrometers, the recording of their condition, the display of the inactive hydrometers, as well as the recording of any comments. A history of previous measurements is presented.


Option available to load the routes data from the application of the “Water Authority”, aiming at a more efficient navigation of the personnel. They can also save a location on the GPS.

Water Safety Plan is a digital platform for the continuous monitoring and control of the drinking water quality in its distribution chain. It has a user-friendly interface with the ability to monitor and control the whole spectrum of the supply network, treatment units and the distribution system of the drinking water into the consumer, ensuring the proper implementation of the Water Safety Plan in accordance with European Directives.

Production and Distribution System Description

  • Water sources- Maps- Geological identification Treatment
  • Disinfection systems       
  • Distribution System (Tanks, Pumping Stations, Network)
  • Production and Distribution System Description

Identification of Risks and Threats 

  • Identification of Risks and Threats Hazard identification (Biological, Chemical, Physical, Radioactive)
  • Identification of hazardous events
  • Hazardous incident assessment

Identification of Control – Response Measures  

  • Identification of the procedures for the minimization of the emergence of risks
  • Documentation of actions to reduce risks


  • Determination of the monitoring parameters
  • Defining functional limits
  • Preparation of a monitoring plan

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