Project Description


The application Open1|Members is a flexible platform for members’ management.

The platform offers to the organisation using it an efficient management of all the transactions with the members such as:

  • Electronic payments
  • Electronic control of the entrance in the vicinity
  • Electronic update for any activities and events
  • Instant messaging to members


The system is provided as a service and no special installation in required for its activation.

The companies and organisations using it benefit from an elasticity and freedom, by applying all the necessary procedures.

Through the platform one can benefit from the below:

  • Direct adjustment to the needs of the register one needs to monitor, with embedded fields according to the company’s business structure
  • Mass update of the members’ information
  • Automated communication with all the members or groups of members through notifications (push, notifications, e-mails, sms)
  • Electronic payment of subscription and receipt printing
  • Payments history available
  • Outlining of different charging policies for members’ categories
  • Option for installments in a subscription
  • Data extraction
  • Users’ controlled access based on authorization
  • Entrance monitoring using QR code
  • Consent management.

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