Upgrade of the National’s Library administrative services

The project “Design, Development, Adaptation and Support of Operation of Operational Applications of the National Library of Greece” was successfully completed.

The project included a “Personnel Management” application, with the “Online Application Submissions” and “Reporting / Timing” subsystems. Digitization of part of the Active Service Record from 2015 to early 2017 and Personnel Files was also done.

More specifically, 31.565 pages (staff files: 13.270 pp, active file: 18.295 pp) were digitized, more than 50 hours of training were carried out, individual data were collected for 122 EMC employees, 469 sick leave, 741 diplomas, training and conferences and 55 project assignments.

The implementation of this project was achieved by strengthening the computerization of the administrative services of the Technical Chamber of Greece, faster access and better control of the information, direct access to the electronic protocol documents, as well as easier submission of applications by the personnel and immediate information for their processing.

The contractor of the project was “OTS” and its duration was six months (1 January – 30 June 2017).